Swimming in the mountains in Solenzara 30 minutes from the Les 3 Terrasses hotel


Welcome to Corsica, and welcome to 3 Terrasses. 

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for mountain bathing in Solenzara. We are grateful to you and want your visit to Solenzara to be a memorable one. 

The relaxation and idleness that the Island can inspire are especially welcome when combined with the countless outdoor activities available in a range around our hotel. 

This article is a guide to the best outdoor activities to do around Solenzara and to make you want to come back again and again to visit us. 

Natural Pools. 

Swimming in the mountains in Solenzara

The idea of a natural swimming pool in a picturesque setting with fresh, translucent water. What a dream for the tourist! 

In practice, this excursion can sometimes disappoint. You must first know the good places, then know how to get there. And finally you have to be sure to choose the ideal place for the whole family. 

Many people, due to lack of preparation, end up parking the car more based on convenience and impatience than on the beauty of the natural setting. And this is where we hear our customers say: “it’s beautiful but nothing more.”, or even “there were too many people.”

In order to avoid this kind of disappointment for our customers, we have selected for you here two idyllic and not very saturated places, with reasonable difficulty of access, which will make your friends on Instagram die of envy. 

So follow the real tips of our local team to arrive at unforgettable natural pools.

Remember to preserve the places and leave them cleaner than you found them. 

Solenzara River Gorges

polischellu waterfalls

A comfortable area, suitable for everyone. Its perfect water both in its temperature and in its hues, and its soothing landscape will offer you real moments of plenitude.

The Vasques de la Solenzara are a magical place for all ages. While youngsters enjoy swimming in the clear water, sunbathing on rocks or enjoying an invigorating swim from pool to pool, parents can rest easy knowing there is plenty of safe space, just in case their kids want some privacy while they're off exploring this earthly paradise and diving with their mask and snorkel 

One of our favorite places is just after the U Monte Grosso campsite, on the side of the Solenzara river, where you will also be able to taste the local specialties while listening to the water of the waterfall which flows just nearby. side of the terrace. 

Just 20 minutes by car, this little paradise also offers an adventure course for the little ones. 

For the more experienced, canyoning excursions also depart from the campsite. 

Although in general the natural swimming pools in Corsica can be quite busy in high season, you will always find a quiet place here to put your towel, your parasol and enjoy your snack. 

Even if access here is particularly safe, we always recommend that you come with appropriate shoes and avoid flip-flops. 

This place is just a personal recommendation, and we recommend stopping along the way to find your own little paradise. Please let us know, we will be happy to add it to this article. 

The 3 Chisa / Quenza pools 

Quiza basin

The excursion to the Three Bassins of Chisa is definitely a must-do during your visit to Solenzara. 

Count 40 minutes of driving on a small mountain road whose landscapes will leave you speechless.

While once again we recommend stopping along the way and looking for your own secret paradises, there is no debate that Trois-Bassins is a place not to be missed. 

After a 15-minute climb on the road which will make you discover the beauty of our mountains, the road winds down through increasingly dense vegetation. 

In a small bend you will find a green fence on your right and a few parked cars. Without going so far as to say that parking is easy, you should be able to find a spot without blocking traffic or walking too far.

Not much time will pass until the sound of the water makes you impatient. But like the curtain of a theater, the maquis will prevent you from seeing the show until the right moment. 

The 3 Bassins are undoubtedly a heavenly place. There are flat areas without currents, majestic natural swimming pools overlapping each other, at the foot of a steep mountain. 

If you want to stretch your legs, you can start a short aquatic hike of 25 minutes round trip upstream, over which the water varies in its turquoise and emerald hues. 

If at no time does the current represent a problem for you or your children, the adventure is still there for the most intrepid. 

The 3 pools have natural slides, small passages to climb, several diving boards, including one of 8 meters! 

A great place to spend the day. And if you later want to enjoy some beach time and a good beach hut, you can stop on your way to the hotel 

Swimming in the mountains in Solenzara: Conclusion 

Whether it's the Solenzara River or the Purcaraccia, there is no shortage of options when it comes to swimming in a river. 

We strongly advise you to walk a little to find a heavenly and peaceful corner! Moreover, a few minutes walk in the pebbles you will start to come across the basins of natural swimming pools. And the further you go, the fewer people there will be, that's the secret!

Finally, one last piece of advice for the road: where there are German or Dutch registered cars, there is sure to be a nice spot! They know the good canyoning spots. So, who says canyoning also says natural pools!

On the other hand, you have to arrive early because the spots are popular especially in the middle of the tourist season. When you come from Solenzara there is a small car park on the left at the level of the Fiumicelli bridge. You have to park here, otherwise if there is no space you will have to go further and find a place on the lower side without obstructing traffic!