Hiking in the Aiguilles de Bavella: 7 reasons to stay in Solenzara

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Ah, Corsica! A land where majestic mountains and heavenly beaches coexist. Imagine a charming village, Solenzara, nestled between sea and mountains, your portal to the famous Aiguilles de Bavella.

This haven of peace is not only accessible, it is the start of an enriching and memorable hiking adventure. In the following lines, explore the undeniable advantages of choosing Solenzara as your exploration base. Get ready, the Corsican adventure awaits you!

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Access facility

Solenzara, located on the east coast of Corsica, is easily accessible by road, a huge advantage for those looking to explore the Aiguilles de Bavella.

Solenzara's proximity to these magnificent rock formations means you can reach the starting points of the hiking trails in no time.

Additionally, the availability of parking near the trails makes access even more convenient.

Proximity to Paradise Beaches

After an exhilarating day on the trails, what's better than relaxing on an idyllic beach? Solenzara offers access to heavenly beaches where you can relax and relive the highlights of your hike. The crystal clear water and soft sand are the perfect antidote to muscle fatigue.

Culinary Offer

Corsica is renowned for its gastronomy, and Solenzara is no exception. The village offers a variety of restaurants where local flavors will awaken your taste buds. And of course, the Hotel Restaurant Les Trois Terrasses is a great place to enjoy traditional Corsican cuisine after a day of exploring.

Sunday Pedestrian Evenings

Sunday pedestrian evenings are a tradition in Solenzara. The village comes to life with markets, street performances and a festive atmosphere. It's an opportunity to mingle with locals and savor authentic Corsican culture while strolling the bustling streets.

Tranquility of the Village

Unlike other busier tourist areas of Corsica, Solenzara offers a welcome tranquility. It's the ideal place to recharge your batteries after a day of hiking. The peaceful atmosphere of the village ensures a good night's rest, essential to recharge your batteries for the next day's adventure.

Availability of Accessible Housing

Solenzara offers a range of accessible accommodation for all budgets. The Hôtel Restaurant Les Trois Terrasses, with its competitive rates and strategic location, is a choice option for hikers. You can see our best offers online here

Authentic Local Experience

Solenzara, although peaceful, offers an authentic dive into Corsican culture. Interacting with warm and welcoming locals, visiting local markets where fresh produce and crafts await you, and exploring quaint little shops all add up to an enriching experience.

In addition, traditional music and dances during local evenings will immerse you in the unique atmosphere of the Isle of Beauty. Solenzara is not only a starting point for your hikes, it is also a place where Corsican culture is at your fingertips, ready to be discovered and appreciated.

Go From Solenzara to the Aiguilles de Bavella

To get from Solenzara to the Aiguilles de Bavella, here are the instructions based on several sources:

  1. Main road :
    • Take the D268 road from Solenzara heading northwest towards the Aiguilles de Bavella​1​.
  2. Distance and Duration :
    • The distance between Solenzara and the Aiguilles de Bavella is approximately 50 km and the journey by car takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes​2​​3​.
  3. Detailed Instructions :
    • If you come from Bastia or Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio, take the coastal road RN193 to Solenzara. Once in Solenzara, switch to the RD268 which will take you through a long and beautiful valley to the Col de Bavella, which is the starting point for hikes to the Aiguilles de Bavella​4​.
  4. Overview :
    • The D268 road offers easy access to the Aiguilles de Bavella from Solenzara. The picturesque route will take you through fascinating landscapes to the Col de Bavella, from where you can start your hike towards the Aiguilles de Bavella. The journey is quite short and direct, making Solenzara a convenient starting point for exploring the Aiguilles de Bavella.
  5. Video of the Route :
    • For a better understanding, you can also watch a video on YouTube which presents the D268 road from Aiguilles de Bavella to Solenzara​5​.


Solenzara is more than just a picturesque village, it is your gateway to adventure in the Aiguilles de Bavella. With its ease of access, its proximity to the beaches, its attractive culinary offer, the festive pedestrian evenings, the tranquility of the village and the availability of affordable accommodation, Solenzara is positioned as the ideal choice for your next getaway to Corsica.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay and start exploring the natural wonders of Corsica!